Friday, November 20, 2009

the josh print...

just finished a limited edition print (12X16) of baseball hero Josh Gibson, and thought you might like a looksee. It's a very limited run of 40 numbered pieces that will be for sale in a few weeks through the great non-profit educational organization 'The Josh Gibson Foundation'.

I worked with Josh's awesome Great Grandson, Sean Gibson on the print, and it's something we're both proud of. The org will be selling 20 signed LE prints as well as 20 'Signed & Remarqued' prints (which feature an original pencil drawing on each print). They'll be available soon through the organization ( or through ArtInsights Gallery in Virginia (

I'll also be selling 10 'Signed & Remarqued' Artist Proofs of the print, which also feature an original pencil drawing on each print. If interested, you can contact me directly.

I had a ton of fun doing all of the drawings on the 'Remarqued' prints. Most of the drawings are of Josh, but there are also a few of Satchel as well as one of Babe Ruth (the white Josh Gibson!). here's a few of them, hope you enjoy... a photo of me and Sean at last year's unveiling of the Josh Gibson statue at Nationals Stadium in Washington DC...


  1. These are amazing I love the sketches they have a Robert McGinnis feel and quality.


  2. Amazing!!!
    Your paintings rock's!!!

  3. This is super inspiring. You captured a great deal of character behind his eyes.

  4. those little sketches down there had me shake my head in amazement...