Sunday, August 9, 2009

the evolution of a print part 5

...and then I thought I'd go a little bit overboard and have a perforated postage stamp-like seal created for the project that I would affix to each print.  I designed the stamp (based on a painting of Peter Cushing I had done a few years ago), but ran out of time before I could have them printed up. Oh well, maybe next time.
...for your enjoyment, for the very first time anywhere, the Grand Wilhuff Moff Tarkin memorial 'Tarkin Doctrine' stamp:

the evolution of a print part 4

in order to fully embrace the propoganda aspect of the whole concept, I thought it'd be cool to add a hand-stamped seal at the lower lefthand corner of the print.  I did a little research, designed the seal, and had a rubber stamp made up.  It was actually a lot of fun to sit at the convention and stamp the seal right onto each print as they were sold.

the evolution of a print part 3

no, the original isn't a digitally created Photoshop or Illustrator file, it's a goauche painting.  remember real 'paintings'?
certainly the largest painting I've ever done, here's a shot of it on an easel in my studio:

the evolution of a print part 2

here's my original sketch for the print.  You'll notice that the '501' flag idea (a tip of the hat to the really awesome guys who dress up as stormtroopers and appear at conventions, press events and even visit sick kids in hospitals dressed as Star Wars characters!) hadn't hit me yet, as I originally thought it'd be cool to have the Stormtroopers investigating a downed spacecraft on an obscure, distant planet.

the evolution of a print

just cleaning out some old folders on my computer, I ran across all of the files and sketches of the limited edition print I did for Lucasfilm for their 2007 STAR WARS 30th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION CON.
The print was a huge sell-out success (although it didn't sell out QUITE as quickly as Adam Hughes' print), and something I was quite proud of.
here's the final print: