Sunday, August 9, 2009

the evolution of a print part 5

...and then I thought I'd go a little bit overboard and have a perforated postage stamp-like seal created for the project that I would affix to each print.  I designed the stamp (based on a painting of Peter Cushing I had done a few years ago), but ran out of time before I could have them printed up. Oh well, maybe next time.
...for your enjoyment, for the very first time anywhere, the Grand Wilhuff Moff Tarkin memorial 'Tarkin Doctrine' stamp:


  1. great print, everytime i look at one of your works i learn so much, especially about composition and space....great stuff!

  2. Hi Mr Chiarello..

    nice to know you have a blog sir,
    please update more on your work progress..

    will follow your blog.
    love your idea for 'Wednesday Comics'

    like the stanp series too