Wednesday, September 23, 2009

favorite movie ever? the Pope of Greenwich Village. Then what's with the Blade Runner drawings? Well, I've never done any sketches from 'Pope', so the best I can offer is stuff from my SECOND favorite movie ever...yup...Blade Runner.
Well, ok, maybe my second favorite movie ever is a tie with Chinatown/the Godfather/A Place in the Sun/Paper Moon/A Very Long Engagement/Taking of Pelham 123/Godfather 2/the Searchers/To Kill a Mockingbird and Blade Runner.

please don't make me decide.


  1. No Star Wars in there for favorite movies? ...tear.

  2. 'Star Wars'? not so much. I'm more of a 'Raiders' guy.

  3. Do you remember the official comic book adaptation of Blade Runner? I think it was... Bob Hall? Bob Layton? who drew it. Nooot quite the same vibe...

  4. Yeah, I have it somewhere in my studio. It was drawn by the great Al Williamson. I haven't looked at it in years, but I remember it being really nice. With a cover by Steranko.
    Man, I'd love to draw a comic about those characters and that world, but I know the publishing rights to the movie are all mucked up. darn!

  5. Def one of my fave movies of all time. Saw it opening day back in hi-school . Yeesh.

    The adaptation was Williamson & Garzon . Nicely done indeed.

    There must be publishing rights issues still , because for the life of me , I can't understand why no one's done any action figures of the characters to date. For crying out load , there's one for 'Shaun of the Dead' !?!?

  6. Blade Runner was cool enough. Kinda ushered in the whole tenchcoat fetish that's so en vogue now, right?

    Chinatown is THE best. When he cut Jack's nose..ouch! And when they beat the snot out of Ryan O'Neal at the end of Paper Moon, I felt so bad for him.

  7. More people should rent (or buy) Paper Moon, it's just so damn good. I can't think of a movie that's shot more beautifully. I think cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs' career was a lot more spotty than Gordon Willis or Vittorio Storaro, but this is truly his masterpiece.

    And how awesome is Madeline Kahn as Miss Trixie???

  8. Blade Runner is my all time favorite film too. I do love alot of others and my runner ups are.

    The Third Man

    Citizen Kane

    Seven Samurai

    Once Upon a Time in the West.