Sunday, July 3, 2011

weekend at norman's...

just got back from 'baseball day at the norman rockwell museum.'

I exhibited several of my paintings and spoke about baseball, the negro leagues, and being an illustrator. I even did a watercolor demo in front of what seemed like a million people (!).  Yup, I was pretty nervous, but somehow got through it all, meeting a lot of great people who had stories to share about their own childhoods and their own love of baseball.  Two standout people were the curator of the event, the AWESOME Tom Daley, who graciously made me feel at home, and the DOUBLY AWESOME photographer Jane Shauck.

thanks to all who came and especially the guys who helped out (thanks, Jeremy!).

here's the painting demo that I did.  it took about an hour...

...and here's some of the aforementioned Jane Shauck's photos of the new york mets.  great images!


  1. What a blast that sounds like...

  2. thanks, Cul. I guess it only took me 50 years to hit the big time.

  3. Sure, there was some hard work involved, but from here on out it's nothin' but smooth sailing.

  4. awesome art Mark..
    I was keeping both eyes open to find these, ever since you mentioned about the negro league artwork in the sidebar nation interview.

    thanks for sharing...
    btw, the samurai jack comic pages look mercy to those who took such a wonderful show off the air.

    Manoj A Menon