Friday, May 7, 2010

the Empire decides not to strike back...

I was recently invited to be a guest artist at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration 5 con in Orlando.  I attended it a few years back and had a great time producing a limited edition Stormtrooper print (see my earlier post).
I've decided to skip this year's con, even though I did a sketch for a new print.  On top of all of the hoops that Lucasfilm makes their artists jump through (don't ask!), I just ultimately wasn't 'feeling' the sketch.  I thought it was a neat idea and would make for a cool visual, but the sketch just leaves me 'blah.'  Oh, and I couldn't figure out where to put R2.

File this sketch in the sad 'unused ideas' folder.
It happens.


  1. Gahh....I love the layering affect of the figures. I think you could have worked R2 in there on one side of Yoda or the other but you know, it still came out pretty darn tight. Sad that there are so many hoops you have to go through.

    PS: Cleaning out some things this past weekend I stumbled across some old Dracula trading cards you had painted. Amazing!

  2. Hi Mark,

    You've mentioned that you decided to skip this particular convention. May I ask what other cons you will be or may consider attending throughout the next year or so? If possible, it might be nice to see a list posted somewhere on you blog and/or website. I've just seen a filmed interview of you from the recent C2E2 show and was so disappointed that I wasn't able to get my Batman: Black and White Books signed and personalized by you. Might you be considering a trip to the forthcoming Heroes Con in Charlotte, N.C.?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions here.


    Patrick Herman

  3. Patrick,
    Yes, indeedy, I'll be attending this year's Heroes Con in Charlotte. It's always one of my favorites.
    Hope to see you there!