Friday, June 19, 2009

the return of 'matinee' sketching...

a few years ago, artist galpal Christine Norrie and I started a small, elite sketching group.  The weekly subject was always a favorite movie or actor.  We ended up with a whole bunch of fun drawings, mainly because we never took it very seriously. Well, life got in the way and the practice fell by the wayside, but fear not!  We've decided to jump back in, and thus "MATINEE" is reborn.
Our first new subject: everyone's favorite movie star, Paul Newman.


  1. Very cool- just discovered your blog/website Mark, great to see more of your fabulous art-consider yourself bookmarked!

  2. Duncan, coming from you, that's quite a compliment! thanks, pal!
    ps...when are you going to draw something for DC again? hint, hint...

  3. Well, never say never but I'm more than happy where I am drawing Hellboy.

    Anyway, I'll stay tuned to your channel!

  4. Mark, this is just INCREDIBLE!!! I want to print this out and put it on the wall in front of my desk to remind me what can be done with subtlety and finesse. By the way, just saw one of your Carnhartt adds on the back cover of a magazine over here. Had to buy it...

  5. The colors and luminosity of this portrait is just incredible, thanks so much for posting it.