Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sorry, i couldn't help myself...

*this trip down memory lane brought to you by the good people at topps, inc.


  1. Wacky Packages were so well done, they always make me feel like a kid.

    Glad to see your work online Mark!!

  2. Wow, I used to have that one.. I think I had almost the entire series, at one point.
    Didn't Wally Wood work at TOPP'S for a little while?

  3. I'm a fan of your work and am glad you're blogging. Please keep the posts coming!

  4. I believe Woody did a lot of the layouts and pencils for the great MARS ATTACKS series, which were then painted by Norm Saunders. Saunders painted most (all?) of the early series Wacky Packs by himself.
    The stuff that Wally Wood did for topps that blows my mind are the tiny little drawings of baseball players that he drew for a few years on the backs of baseball cards. You know, there's be a little box and the caption would say something like "Willie Mays enjoys deep sea fishing in the off season", and there'd be this little, silly drawing of a baseball player fishing with a baseball bat (or some other such silly image).

  5. Doesn't it seem odd how it's often the little things like that which stay with you in life?

  6. The MARS ATTACKS stuff is awesome.. A lot of that stuff showed up in the Wood Sketchbook that Vanguard released.
    I designed a set of Baseball Cards myself, for a group of friends. I went the whole 9-yards on the Backs. Which yes, included those funny little cartoon figures, depicting some obscure Statistic. Those were some of the most fun to do!
    Makes me wonder if some of the Reference I pulled, may have been done by Wood? hah